A tailored SEO strategy that yielded incredible results


Cosmetics Now




With a focus on the Australian market, we wanted to ensure our multi-national cosmetics ecommerce client in Cosmetics Now was ranking for the keywords and products that mattered most to their customers.

With a tailored SEO strategy, we were able to drive high quality, targeted traffic to their website and nurture them through to conversion.

  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Consulting


Our SEO strategy consisted of three key pillars to ensure we could increase their online visibility, traffic, and revenue.

Pillar #1

Identify low-hanging fruit keywords and optimise their relevant pages to ensure they could be found on relevant search engines

Pillar #2

Create a blogging and backlinking strategy focusing on these keywords and that answered questions regarding trending topics

Pillar #3

Audit any technical issues and implement changes where required to ensure their pages were functioning at a high level


Not only were we able to significantly increase Cosmetic Now’s volume of keywords and traffic, but, more importantly, their tailored SEO strategy significantly increased their revenue within a 9-month timeframe.

Keywords +132%

Revenue +39.6%

Traffic +28.4%

Timeframe of 9 months

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